Widows are often displaced from their homes by in-laws and forced to turn to begging

National Widows Alliance Network (WANE)

The annual National Widows Alliance Conference (NAWAC) serves as the ideal dialogue platform for the advocacy of a comprehensive policy and legal direction for elevating the standards of widows in Ghana. At the conference was the launch of the all-important on-going Ghana National Database on Widows to guide the policy and development planning on this section of the Ghanaian populace.

The annual national Widows Alliance Network Conference (NAWAC) for advocacy and national widows cohesion is organized on a large scale as the grand occasion where all of Ghana and Africa are made to appreciate the roles widows are playing as ambassadors of change in their communities. This conference is promoted on many Ghanaian networks to the outside world.

For example, on Saturday 23rd June 2012, the Mama Zimbi Foundation successfully organized its 4th National Widows Alliance Conference, at the Ghana International Trade Fair Center. The conference attracted over 3,000 vulnerable widows and their needy children across the country. This conference is also to celebrate the United Nations International Widows Day.

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